Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Wholesale Kantha Wallet Vintage Floral Kantha Purse Ethnic

J.K. Handicraft Industries presents the beautiful range of vintage Kantha bags in various sizes and designs. We are manufacturer and wholesaler of this vintage purse.we provide photo selection to make them in your colourway & pattern. We believe in providing the best quality products to our valuable customer and due to that, we are using best quality Kantha to make these beautiful adorable bags. These all bags are of one kind and all are unique as they are manufactured from vintage Kantha.

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                                                   Antique Kutchi Wall Hanging

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Wholesale Vintage Gypsy Hand Embroidered Tapestry Ethnic Antique Kutch Wall Hanging

JK Handicraft Industries Present The Range Of Most Beautiful Vintage Rare Hand Embroidered Tapestry. These Are Vintage Banjara Kutch Tapestry. These Tapestry Very Unique & Very Rare.A Mystical Tapestry made of Kutch embroidery patchwork in vibrant colors of rural India!
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Note -: This Tapestry Is One Of Kind So We Will Provide Photo Selection So You Can Just Choose You Like…